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5 Reasons Why Businesses Should Switch to Mobile-Friendly Web Design

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5 Reasons Why Your Website Needs to be Mobile-Friendly - Digital Marketing  Agency Tampa

If your business continues to have that conventional, old-school presence online (like your website’s only for desktops), perhaps you need to alter your focus a little bit, and start creating a buzz on mobile phones and gadgets! According to a report by Statista, a German company which specializes on market and consumer data, in the first quarter of 2021 mobile phones generated an astounding 54% of website traffic worldwide. This number has actually consistently grown since 2017, which means that more and more people are accessing the internet on their mobile devices. Read on to learn and understand why businesses should switch to mobile-friendly web design.   

First, What’s Mobile-Friendly Web Design?

Before we go straight to the various reasons why businesses should switch to mobile-friendly web design, let’s first discuss what exactly is mobile-friendly or mobile-first website design. According to web design experts, a mobile-first or mobile-friendly web design is exactly what it says – a website whose core design is for mobile phones and gadgets.

In other words, mobile-first web design discards, or rehashes, the traditional approach of first creating desktop website versions.With a mobile-first or mobile-facing approach, individuals who access the internet with their phones or gadgets are the priority. 

As a result, this philosophy aims to create a more refreshing and exciting website experience for these users. However, a mobile-first design doesn’t actually ignore every other person who does not access the Internet via a mobile phone.

From the mobile version, the website can also be scaled up to meet the requirements of much larger devices like desktop computers. A desktop type website is one where scroll effects, larger images, hover buttons and other effects come into play to make it more well-rounded.

There Are More Mobile Users Than Desktop Users Today

Now, let’s go to the first reason why businesses should switch to mobile-friendly web design. According to website design Brisbane veterans, most folks today generally do not let their phones out of their sight.

And since these are hand-held devices, it would definitely be more convenient for people to use them to access the Worldwide Web, and this includes online shopping. Therefore, e-commerce business owners (regardless of their size and scope) should align more of their activities in that direction, as doing so will make their products and services more visible, and more accessible.

However, it’s not enough for an e-commerce entity to create a mobile-friendly website, as they need to make sure that their software quality is up to the task, especially in terms of user experience, speed and more. So, if you’re planning to make your website mobile-friendly, you should keep testing and optimizing it.

It Puts Customers First

The second reason why a mobile-first approach is key today,  again according to our friendly and talented website design Brisbane  experts, is that it puts customers first. This means securing the loyalty and patronage of your current and potential customer base, and securing loyalty also means having a website that’s well-suited to mobile users.

With more and more customers getting all they need thanks to their smart phones, their expectations are sure to increase every day. Making websites more mobile-friendly also sends a message to current and potential clients that you truly care about their shopping experience. And, as a result, they’re more likely to purchase from you.

Mobile-First Also Means Achieving a More Aesthetically Pleasing Website

Majority of today’s website design Brisbane professionals also agree that a mobile-friendly website is usually better than having to “gracefully” alter or degrade a desktop version. With most desktop-version websites scaled down to a mobile size, what takes place is that the website is re-arranged, and not redesigned, to suit mobile phones and gadgets.

The truth is that most desktop features do not exactly translate into mobile space. As a result, users often end up having to use a substandard and hard-to-navigate interface. But, by designing with a mobile-first philosophy, businesses will achieve improved performance which engineers across all platforms, from mobile to desktop.  

And though mobile-friendly websites will obviously have much lesser space, online businesses however can come up with minimalist designs, which they can actually expand upon once they wish to scale up to a desktop version. Thus, one ends up building a more functional and truly beautiful website.

Going Mobile-friendly Can Boost SEO Ranking

Here’s one thing that I guess all website design Brisbane companies or experts would agree on, and it’s the fact that going mobile-friendly can boost a website’s SEO ranking. A couple of months ago, Google even announced that they’re going to start using a mobile-first index for new websites!

This means that the crawl bots of Google will now consider and rank mobile-friendly websites above their desktop counterparts in the search results pages. Although while web design is not the only category that Google considers when ranking websites, a mobile-first website approach gets you ahead in the race.  

It Prioritizes Website Content

Finally, mobile-friendly website design Brisbane is also hailed for prioritizing content on the site. Knowing you’re creating a website for the smallest of screens will help you to put a premium on site content.

And, since mobile devices have smaller screens, you just can’t afford to clutter it with unnecessary, much less substandard content or details. To understand this, you will need to gain a much better understanding of just what your visitors want from your website.

Be straightforward, if not even ruthless, with your decluttering, so that your users will be able to easily navigate your website, find the information they require, and quickly make purchases. A straightforward and decluttered mobile website is also essential because today’s mobile users are very time-conscious.

Therefore, a cluttered, un-optimized website that slows users down can adversely affect an online business’ customer churn rate. So, if you’re website remains stuck to its desktop version, I guess you should act quickly, and have your own mobile-friendly site launched NOW! 

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