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Why You Should Opt for Bezel Semi Mount Engagement Ring in Dallas

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Bezel Engagement Ring Setting: The Major Pros & Cons you Must Know

Varieties of designs and settings are created for engagement rings so customers can choose easily. The challenge in looking for the perfect ring to use in your marriage proposal is challenging sometimes. Jewelers understand the pressure you are undergoing when looking for an engagement ring that’s why they are doing all they can to cater the needs of their customers. Semi mount rings are one of the solutions to customers who want a ready-made ring but want a little modification. Semi mount rings are setting readily made available and the missing part is the center stone. With these settings, customers wouldn’t have to spend a lot of time thinking about how to make the details of the ring. All he has to worry about is the center stone of the ring. One of the semi mount choices is the bezel semi mount engagement ring in Dallas. 

Advantages of Bezel Semi Mount Rings 

Flexible Preference

Semi mount engagement rings can be flexible when choosing one since jewelers already made several designs for the customers to choose from. Once the customers choose a semi mount design they can now choose for the center stone.  Bezel semi mount settings can be a good choice since it can hold the center stone better compared with other semi mount settings. Bezel semi mount settings come in varieties of style so customers can still have the chance to choose their preference. 

More Affordable Budget

When it comes to buying engagement rings ,there is no such thing as cheaper but you can get  something affordable. We know that engagement rings cost an arm and a leg that’s why budget is important. Getting a bezel semi mount setting can save you several dollars since you don’t have to fully customize your ring, instead you just have to choose a center stone that fits your budget. It will be more expensive if you have to start your design from scratch, having a ready-made setting where you can mount your stone will be much convenient. 

Resetting is Possible

Some people have the tradition of passing their precious rings from generation to generation. However, due to years of usage some rings deteriorate over time. But that won’t be a problem since you can just pull out the center stone and place it in a new bezel semi mount setting. If your center stone is too big or small worry not, semi mount have designs that can fit to small or bigger stones. 

Can Prolong the Durability of Your Ring

Bezel settings can secure your center stone better compared with other settings since the stones are enclosed in a metal rim. No matter what center stone you choose it can be guaranteed that it will be mounted securely. It can prolong the durability of the ring as a whole since it is lesser to get scratches and get snag on clothes or other things. Center stones should be secure not only because they are expensive but because they complete the beauty of the ring. Engagement rings are a symbol of commitment that’s why it should last long. 

Can Boost Your Center Stone 

Choosing bezel semi mount settings can enhance the appearance of your center stones. In bezel setting the center stone will appear bigger especially with stones that have large tables and can even make the stone sparkle more but for other cuts the effect will be the opposite, however it can still make the center stone stand out because of its enclosure . Another good thing about bezel setting is it can cover the blemishes of the diamonds so you can choose lower clarity grade diamonds. 

A bezel semi mount engagement ring in Dallas can be a good choice since you don’t have to spend a lot of time thinking about what settings you are going to create for your engagement ring. All you need to look for is your center stone and your jeweler can help you fit any stone of your choice in your bezel semi mount setting. For your center stone it will be ideal if you can get something that can match the personality of your bride to be. For instance women have favorite shapes, so you can opt for a center stone with the shape that she loves. 

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