July 4, 2022

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Scorpio 2022 LoveScope

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Horoscopes for 2022, with a focus on love, sex, relationships, and romance: Scorpio

Eros was the sensual love deity. The asteroid Eros’s position in our horoscopes indicates our passion and erotic turn-ons. Mars represents how we pursue our desires, particularly the methods in which we display our sexuality. Venus demonstrates some of the key “trappings” and my todays horoscope that help us get in the mood for sex. While the locations of these planets and cosmic bodies remain constant in our natal charts, their positions in the cosmos are constantly shifting, activating houses and hotspots in our natal charts.


2022 will bring you a deep appreciation for, as well as improvements in, your home life and family. With Jupiter, the planet of abundance, transiting your home and family sector for the majority of the year, 2022 is likely to offer you joy, bounty, and expansion in this area of your life. It’s a year to rediscover your roots and focus on loving yourself from the inside out.

Uranus will continue to stimulate, shake up, and transform your romantic life. Pleasant thrill on a romantic level awaits people born between November 11 and November 19 in particular. Your eccentric and unique qualities are valued more than average. You feel more liberated to express your playful side, and as a result, others warm up to you more readily.

Pluto, your ruler, flirted with the Capricorn sign last year. Pluto is in this earthy and realistic sign this year and will stay for many years to come. Those born between October 23 and October 26 in the sign of Scorpio Because we are only interested in the Sun sign or Ascendant and how these sexual cosmic bodies are currently affecting the natal chart, the horoscopes provided here are inherently general. You’re growing more steadfast, determined, and brave. You are more capable of breaking free from stifling personal routines. Relationships improve as you become stronger and more at ease in your skin.

A lover this year is likely to be very home-oriented, with times spent being snug and comfy. Single Scorpios looking for a casual romance are more likely to locate one nearby. However, Saturn opposes Uranus in your romance sector at several points in 2022, which is bound to shake things up a little. You may discover that your friendships affect your love connection or that the needs of others put a strain on it. Those married or in a committed relationship should avoid making any significant decisions during Venus’s retrograde period, which lasts from March 6 to April 17.

It is a period in which you or a partner evaluates the relationship or your attitudes toward it. During this moment, you may notice that your companion is less responsive or enthusiastic. Instead of rushing things, it’s preferable to take a step back and let things happen organically. Otherwise, collaboration appears to be reasonably constant in 2022.

The majority of Scorpios’ relationship status will not change dramatically. Many people are settling in. Casual love is one-of-a-kind, with ups and downs and subtle shifts. You’re attempting something new.

Venus and Mars are both in your partnership sector from June 6 to July 5, heating a tight relationship. During this time, some Scorpios will meet someone who could become a companion in the future. Scorpios who are already committed will discover that the Venus-Mars conjunction is an excellent time to spice up their current relationship.

Eros travels in your romantic sector for most of the year, but it is retrograde for a portion of that time. In 2022, erotic impulses and themes will be prominent in your life. From May 8 to July 19, then from November 9 forward, Eros will spice up your love life.

2022’s pivotal epochs:

January 3-February 3 is a fun, cheerful, magnetic time for love, especially casual love encounters. Your magnetic abilities are pretty strong, and love finds you rather than you searching for it.

Venus is retrograde from March 6 to April 17. Because Venus oversees your partnership area, you may notice that your relationship is stagnating or perhaps moving backward. A partner may appear distant. Maintain a low profile, assess your connections, and consider enhancing them, but don’t make any huge decisions during this period.

Your seduction powers are at their best between April 18 and 22, especially if you play a more vocal and robust role.

A love opportunity arrives near the end of this phase, in the days surrounding April 21–seize it!

Mercury will be retrograde from May 13 to May 31 in your partnership sector, which signals some potential misunderstandings with a partner. You and your partner don’t say what you mean, and you don’t mean what you say! 

As previously said, Venus and Mars are in your partnership sector from June 6-July 5, providing stimulation and excitement to partnerships. May 31-July 12 is a time of fireworks for partnerships–sometimes exciting, but it can feel like an open battle for some!

From November 8 to December 1, Venus will be in your sign. This is a period when the rest of the world appears to be speaking, or at least recognizing your “love language.” It’s an excellent time to attract others, turn on the charm, and receive positive feedback from partners or love interests. Love appears to come to you without your having to pursue it.

Mars, your secondary ruler, is retrograde from December 20, 2022, to March 10, 2023, signifying a period of reflection. It is preferable not to move projects further at this time.

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